Trunk Study for Organization Phone Program Assisted My Business

By: Todd Lokken

I am the owner and manager of a trucking repair company located in the mid-west. My organization offers tractor-trailer repair services each in-residence and on the road for owner/operators who are in transit. I say “in transit” due to the fact a large portion of our enterprise comes from trucks which have broken down on the road. We travel over 200 miles in all directions to get them up and running as quickly as we can.

In addition, we supply diagnostic services and preventive upkeep such as oil changes, plug and wire modifications and tune-ups. Situated in between two pretty big cities, we see a lot of company come in as drivers normally choose to steer clear of getting to cease close to key metropolitan areas as it can often mean several hours of down time. Consequently, we get a lot of calls coming in at particular instances of the day, even though at other instances our phones might not ring for an hour or a lot more. I lately had a trunk study performed on our telephone lines, to establish if we have been missing calls during our busy instances. I wanted to know if adding far more telephone lines may well enhance organization. I was shocked at the outcomes.

We were missing a lot of incoming calls, a lot more than I had imagined. With the phones ringing off the hook, I truly had no concept just how many individuals have been unable to get via. For different ways to look at it, consider peeping at: high quality garage door replacement santa monica. Following I received the trunk study benefits, I added four more lines and hired more customer service representatives. Gate Repair Burbank is a novel library for additional info about how to deal with it. Inside a month of undertaking this, I had to add two additional bays to our constructing to accommodate the enhance in trucks coming in. Discover extra info on the affiliated encyclopedia by browsing to read. In brief, my enterprise has grown by thirty percent from possessing the trunk research performed. The option would have probably been a lower in organization as drivers may possibly have decided to quit attempting to schedule with us as a result of never ever getting able to get by way of. It just reminds me that what you do not know can hurt you, or undoubtedly your company. Learn more on our related link by navigating to garage door installation pasadena article.

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